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This horse training site is intended to help you become a better horse trainer, whether you want to do Reining Horse training, Western Pleasure training, Trail Horse training, Dressage, other events, or if your interest lies in natural horsemanship.


Whether you are your own horse trainer or if you want to maintain the work that your professional horse trainer put on your horse, you're sure to find a horse training video or article on this site that will be helpful regardless of your favorite riding style, discipline, or philosophy.


I am a lifelong horse owner who has enjoyed doing my own horse training as much as possible. I often say that I wish I could go back to when I was young, but with the knowledge about horses that I have now. When I was a kid, it was much more difficult to find reliable information about horses. Our sources were limited to books, magazines, and other people. Those sources may or may not have been reliable. Nowadays, with the internet, we have so many more sources of information, and so many more ways to verify the correctness of the information we view.


If you have problems using this site, or if you have suggestions, please contact me. Thanks for visiting! --



Featured lessons:

Train Your Horse Yourself by Jeanne Dial
Put power steering on your Western horse with these methods demonstrated by Jeanne Dial.

5 Basic Steps Your Horse Should Know
These 5 steps are the basis of almost everything you will want your horse to know how to do.


Billy Linfoot's method of gentling unhandled horses
Dr. William Linfoot's method of gentling wild horses amazed many folks before today's NH trainers came along.


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